I’m a Quaker logger. That in itself appears to make me unique. I also kayak, climb trees professionally and whistle seriously. I enjoy working outdoors. I enjoy hard physical work and the satisfaction of seeing what’s been done at the end of the day. Work is a mixture of intellectual, philosophical and contemplative stimulation. I love to write, and hope to share that love with you. I have perspectives that are different because my vantage point, whether up in a tree or under a truck, is different.

I have read that a blog should be focused, which I’m not. There are likely to be entries under 3 headings: Quaker related stuff, work related stuff, and odd things I’ve noticed.

I have a number of motivations for blogging,not the least of which is that I consider all of life as ministry. Some of the issues I plan to write about include the following: It has been my observation that logging is widely demonized and significantly misunderstood. Quakers are, according to some, extinct (that was the Shakers.) As society becomes more urbanized, we lose more of our connection with nature. It is my hope that these posts can help readers experience the beauty, glory and resilience that is all around us.

I am a Christian and try to live my life accordingly. I use Christian vocabulary at times because that is in my comfort zone. If that makes you uncomfortable, please try to translate. I believe that adherence to Christ’s messages and teachings is transformative of our earthly lives. It is my hope that even if you don’t agree with my point of view, these posts will at least cause you to consider why you hold the views you do and the places we share common ground.

7 thoughts on “About

  1. Ken

    Martin, I met you at the writers colloquium in November and commented briefly about how your writing style reminds me of Edward Abbey. I’d like to send you a copy of my favorite Abbey book. If you could email me your address, or if I could send it to ESR to your attention. Nice work on the blog!

  2. sparkyjen

    I hope that speaking your truth is also blessing you. I live in Indiana and there are a large number of Friends Meeting Houses in this area. I looked it up and there are thousands of Quakers in this country. If people don’t know much about Quakers, it’s because they are too busy doing their own thing. But if interested, there’s a way to connect.

    Your blog is one of those ways. I’m glad you are educating here, and making a difference sharing your particular talent, religion, and perspectives. First and foremost, you are a human being, one of God’s creations. You also have a whistle the likes of which I have never heard. It sounds like a gentle wind blowing through…wait for it…the trees!!!

    1. martinmelville Post author

      Thanks for your kind words.
      The thing about Truth is that we can only know it from our own perspective. So even though it’s hard to hang out with people who don’t share our worldview, when we do the “birds of a feather” thing & just hang out with people we agree with, the opportunities to arrive at a Truth that is a synthesis of different viewpoints are lost.

      Speaking truth is frequently difficult; not speaking it is (in the end) much harder. For me, Faith is key here. Friends believe (generally) that [Holy] Spirit is still speaking. With that understanding, the words of Exod. 4:12 take on new importance & power. Moses is protesting that God has chosen the wrong guy. God responds “Now go, and I will be with your mouth and teach you what you are to speak.” Often all we have to do is get out of the way. Yeah. And recognize which of the voices is God’s. Oh. That.


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