Are You Living?

Fear is like an artichoke.

Layers and scales

And where does love lie?

Obscured, in the heart.

Honesty and vulnerability.

They go together.

We cover our tender undersides

Out of fear

Will you let me past your face to see what’s really you?[1]

They sang

Does the danger exceed the reward?

Better to stay with the devil we know, lawyers tell.

The sweet chloroform of security

Never find our limits, never know risk

Never know our potential

So much sacrificed for comfort

Dare yourself to see!

Beyond the self, beyond the evening couch, beyond the television

Beyond the world and reality we think we know

As solid as a manure storage pit[2]

And into eternity

What we call “that of God” in each of us.

[1] Outlaws, “Green Grass & High Tides.”

[2] Appears solid. Isn’t.

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