Grace in December

A classmate from Women in the Bible (last spring) found this &replied today. I find it speaks to me in the darkness of December:

Julie (and the rest of you, too):

Dare to dream. Dare to challenge the status quo in all its forms. Dare to confront institutionalized discrimination and call it out. Dare to be Moses…if that’s what God asks of you.

In your last post, you wrote “What’s a middle age mom with as of yet no higher education degree doing aspiring to break the glass ceiling at the premiere Presbyterian academic institution?”

According to the bookies, what were Moses’ odds on liberating the Israelites? Pretty low, I’ll wager. Yet as we saw time & again in class, God has a way of choosing what other humans consider the least likely, the least suited, the ones on the fringe. It can be lonely. It can be frustrating. You may not be the one to enter the Promised Land. The journey has to have a beginning. And even if it has already begun with our forebears, it must continue.

For years, physicists claimed that bumblebees lacked the necessary aerodynamics to fly. Yet they did, day in and day out. My own observation has been “It’s amazing what you can do when you don’t know you can’t.” Physicists have since concluded that bumblebees can in fact fly.

Peace, friends.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

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