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Wolf nominates Gormley, Kistler for Pennsylvania high court
It’s been big news here in Centre County. President Judge Thomas Kistler was nominated to serve on the PA Supreme Court by Gov. Tom Wolf. Wolf is a liberal Democrat elected last November. Kistler is a pretty conservative republican. One can hope that this signals a willingness to honor the merit of one’s career over political affiliation.
He’s also my neighbor. I’ve logged on his property a couple of different times. He’s the master of ceremonies at the Colyer Fourth of July parade, and event whose genesis was two cars following Ralph Rimmey’s manure spreader. When the PA Fish Commission threatened to drain 66-acre Colyer Lake, he organized the locals to lobby for the $3,000,000 needed to make the dam safe again. He spearheaded private fundraising as a way to demonstrate public support for the project.
None of this is really cause for his nomination to the Supreme Court. His character is. His legal record as a judge is. I don’t know how accomplished a constitutional scholar he is, and that is the work of the Supreme Court. He does have a record of attempting to fix the legal system so that in addition to punishing miscreants, they are “rehabilitated” so that they can become productive members of society. As the AP notes of his career as a judge:
“Kistler was elected to the Centre County Court of Common Pleas in 1997. As president judge, he helped create the Centre County Child Access Center, which provides a place for the safe exchange of children in separated or divorced families where domestic violence has occurred.”
The term he’s being appointed to ends in December. He’s not worried about being “unemployed.” He says he’s sure other opportunities will arise. The world could benefit from more people of faith who don’t let position and power go to their heads. The world is a needy place. There is always work for those who care

sound recording here

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  1. brazibe

    Thank’s sir. But, in the future, don’t be afraid to give yourself a real headline. And work your links and quotes into the story, like you did on your piece on climate change.


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