Wedding, Oct. 11

There is a tree out in the backyard that never has been broken by the wind. Our love will last forever if we’re strong enough to bend. Words from a “Strong Enough to Bend,” a song by Tanya Tucker.
One of my complaints with weddings is the unabashed optimism present in these ceremonies. Life just isn’t a bed of roses. There will be times such as 3 o’clock in the morning and the baby won’t stop crying, or wondering where the rent’s going to come from, or how to fix the car. In those times you’ll do well to remember the glory of this day.
But in the pressure of the moment when the tensions rise, it can be difficult to remember that. Always keep in front of you the fact that you have the choice of whether to grow together or to grow apart. In Whitewater rafting it is important to remember as you bounce through the rapids, to fall into the raft rather than out into the swirling waters. When you are united with your lover, you are in the safest place that you can know. Always remember to fall together, that is to fall into the raft.

One thought on “Wedding, Oct. 11

  1. kersey bradley

    think this one is unarguable…or maybe it is just me in my present position of temporarily losing IT; that I had IT 48 hours ago, then by yesterday afternoon IT was pretty much gone, and now after sleeping several hours IT is sLightly back


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