Oops or wisdom from the dog?

My lover (who happens to be the same person I’ve been married to for more than 30 years) gave me voice recognition software last year for Christmas. Nothing moves too fast around here and being October, 10 month, we thought perhaps the software was well enough aged that we could install it other day. Besides I needed it to take notes on a because reading for class.

Today though, I was talking to the dog with microphone on and here’s what happened:

Stuff that metaphor. He met a furry he, now I know he was in awe. No one will know will you know. Was that all the dog? This is what happens when you talk to the dog with the microphone on.

I did add some punctuation but the words are what I spoke to the dog at least as the voice recognition thought.

One thought on “Oops or wisdom from the dog?

  1. Gordon

    I wanted to thank you for your wisdom and talent that God has given you for His gift of writing! After a very emotional week that drained my energy and spirit, I was in search of understanding… (You will probably read this faster than I am able to type the words.) I found solace in John Chapter 9, and also, secondly, from reading your blog. This particular entry made me laugh out loud! Part of me wants to know the words that you spoke into the microphone, but I prefer to leave that to my imagination… Please continue the good work that He has started in you! (Phil 1:3-6)


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