Pig Roast


A belated (though not yet post-event) invitation to the annual pig roast.

The usual conditions & restrictions apply: Bring a dish to share, such as a salad, veggie or dessert (you could bring a desert, but they’re tough to transport, and often a little gritty). In spite of the fact that it’s a pig roast, and the pig was hurt in the preparation of this feast, vegetable-tarians are welcome. Eating is a social event as much as anything.

Bring the spouse or sig. other (but not both), and any progeny you can fit in the trunk of your car. (this is not to say that they must travel in the trunk. this is like the little carry-on baggage thingy they have to check the size of your bag at the airport).

Address is 129 Appleblossom Ln. Centre Hall PA 16828. If you need actual directions because you think GPS steals your soul and renders you a cognitive vegetable, reply to this message with a request for such.

Oh yeah. It’s Sat. Oct. 4, kind of noon on til near dusk, though the food gets a little thin later on.

Hope to see you there.

Martin Melville

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