Social Justice

There’s this problem around here. We have too many trees. It’s a sad situation. There’s a poplar tree beside the house. It shaded me while I was building the place. It’s not the only poplar around here, in fact there’s most of a grove of them. This one shaded me. Sentimental as I am, it seems wrong to cut it down. There’s a red oak growing up under the poplar. The oak has designs on the open air and sunlight over the house. With strong liberal (leftward) leanings, it is going to rise from beneath and beat the oppressor poplar. So the thought was that if the people removed the capitalist dog poplar, the oak could realize its full potential. Yeah! Equality for the masses. But wait. Oaks are aristocratic by nature. Perhaps by removing the poplar, the people would actually be promoting social inequality. It’s a problem worthy of Dostoevsky. For the time being, the poplar lives.

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