Easter Midrash

. Spoken in Meeting:

I think God has a sense of humor. There is a type of biblical interpretation known as a midrash, which seeks to explain gaps, other meanings etc. of the text. And so:


Adam was this guy who lived in a garden. He had a red Chevy 4-wheel drive truck with big mud tires and loud exhaust. On the back window there was a rebel flag and an “ain’t skeerd” decal. Eve says “Hey babe. Take a bite of this.” Adam says “um. I don’t know.” Eve says “Wattaya scared?” “Ain’t Skeerd. That didn’t end well, as they say.


So over the years, God sent prophets here & there, now & then, to help this errant bunch called humanity get their act together. And they’d say “yeah, yeah.” And straighten up for a while, or not. But the general movement was not in the right direction.


So God sent His Son to see if maybe by some miracle he could get them to repent. At first everything was groovy. He had groupies and a dressing room with a star on the door. The crowds loved him. But the tabloids got ahold of some “dirt” on him, made up stuff, you know, and pretty quick he was on the outs with the crowds. They called for him to be executed, and so he was. But you can’t kill Love with a sword or by hanging it from a tree, and he rose and lives still.


His job was to reconcile this chasm between God and man. And while he still has a lot of followers today, whenever you get to feeling like “I’m saved. Jesus loves me. The world is fine.” If you’re sure of your righteousness while there is still need in the world, you are Adam in a pickup truck.

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