Ministering to Others

Posted on the class forum: And the key is to act in Love. When that happens, Spirit speaks through us tenderly. The most difficult part as a sower is to soften the drought hardened ground left from earlier wounding. It IS safe here. You ARE loved here. we do the best we, as falliable creatures, are able to. Forgive us as we forgive you.

I have watched as the thunderstorm’s torrent is rejected by the parched ground, where the gentle 3-day rain soaks in & softens the soil. The soil becomes so dry that it rejects the rain, even though it is what is needed, a condition termed hydrophobic. How often are we like that? The thunderstorm’s droplets dance in the dust but remain separate from it. The odd result is a cloud of dust just above a sea of developing mud. The soil underneath sheds the rain and remains parched. I think there are many parallels with traditional Christian evangelism. 

I spoke in meeting Sunday that as we are opened to the Presence, there is a blurring or erasure of the false dichotomy of the sacred & the secular. I cited the Deep Purple song, Hush: hush, hush, I think I hear her calling my name. Hush, hush, you know I got to have her, you know I got to need her…. I said that though I doubted that the writer had any religious connotations in mind, the words spoke to me there in the silence. I did admit that though a bagel is sometimes a bagel, it is also sometimes food for the soul. That food is all around us.

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