A Nap on the Lawn

He lay down in the tall grass. There was a long drive ahead, and he felt like a few winks while he waited for her to get back from Connorsville would be a good thing. So there he was in the tall grass. Pretty soon the ants, little piss ants and whatever, were crawling all over him. Some, they tickled. As long as they didn’t bite, the tickling didn’t bother him so bad. Then one, he didn’t know if it was foolish or bold or ignorant, but it crawled into his ear. Somehow it got far enough in that it got tangled in all those little hairs in the ear and started banging on his ear drum or something. He wasn’t sure what. But it sounded like freaking Apollo 13 taking off. Might have been the legs looking for traction. Might have been wings trying to get free. Not only did it tickle, it roared and crackled just like he remembered Apollo 13 from grade school. That was a sound he’d never forget. And here it was right in his very own ear. No sea shell, no rocket ship required. He sort of rooted around in his ear, figuring he’d either squash it or dig it out with a wad of wax. He got up out of the tall grass and went back and laid on the concrete patio. It was warmed by the sun. He laid down with the bug-ear facing down & tried to nap. Buzz. Crackle. Roar. Houston, we have lift off. It was still in there, still alive. Even so, when the bug wasn’t trying to crawl, there was no problem, and he could abide that. But as soon as the bug tried to move, there was Apollo 13 again. Plus a tickle

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