Important message from our Sponsor

If faith is about believing in the unseen, living the teachings of Christ, as “unrealistic” as the world tells us that is, is about getting off the couch and actually doing it. As Hauerwas notes, for the world to grasp what it is we talk about with this countercultural, nonviolent, empathetic way of living, where Love is our guide from which all else flows, it must to become visible. It’s like walking out on a glass floor and knowing you’re not going to fall. Babes won’t do it. Or stepping out of a boat onto the water to follow your master…. At some point, when we’ve made the decision to follow Christ, we realize that this new robe we’ve been given leaves us no choice but to cast off the ways of the world. And if we have the strength to buck the conventional wisdom of the world, we will find that this lived faith is not only practical and real, it is transformative. This is the essence of faithful living. This is the cross we have picked up and must carry as we follow Him.

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