In Tune?

Did you ever hum to your lawnmower? It has a frequency. As you vary the pitch of your hum, you can hear an oscillation, a pulse in the sound that quickens as you approach the mower’s frequency. A friend spoke in meeting for worship about the dichotomy of being and doing. Being is authentic, the motion of the Spirit in our lives. It calls us to the life God would have us live. Doing is the hectic pace of work and marriage and kids and… that leaves us wondering where God is in our daily lives. The lawnmower is the being, the call of the Spirit. Our humming is the doing. It is the result of being both in the world and of it. There is a basic misalignment of our outward and inward lives. The dichotomy of doing and being is false. When we are “in tune,” the being becomes the doing.

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