Waterfall, Richmond IN

Perspective, point of view, or what image you’re trying to convey can make a huge difference in how you write, as the following illustrates:

5-20. I went to the waterfall today. It’s a limestone escarpment, a ledge about 20 feet high. Might be a blast in a kayak in high water. Right now it’s low enough that you can cross the river without getting your knees wet. I sat and read on a log which was hung on a gravel bar below the ledge . It had washed down in high water. A variety of gurgles and splashes accompanied the water as it made its descent; the main effect was white noise of a pleasant sort. After a bit I got up and wandered around below the ledge. The sun shone on the rippling water and the wave shadows made the bottom of the river look corrugated. In several spots the water was funneled to a more concentrated flow. The current massaged my toes. The falling water threw spits and drops at me, and generated a cool breeze. I sat down in the river under one of these concentrated flows and the river gladly gave me a shoulder massage. It was like having my own personal whirlpool tub.
5-20 Take two. It was as if the land, tired of working every day supporting the river, just gave up. Or maybe it was that the river wanted independence so it just fell off the edge. What was odd was that in spite of their stated differences, they both decided to do exactly the same thing at the same time. Was it codependence? And who was the enabler?

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